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Davies Hickman are global experts in building, analysing, synthesizing and visualising data, market research and customer insights

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Consumer &
Business Research

Combining proven qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as new behavioural and digital research, we create business critical insights.


Applying analytical tools for building, synthesizing and visualising customer and market insight, we generate impactful recommendations.


Building insights, we evidence decisions in proposition development, technology investment, CX innovation and B2B marketing communications.


Using our customer experience skills and knowledge base we help develop innovative CX strategies and support teams to build a vibrant customer-focused culture.

Our services

Customer insight

Understanding your customers and market demand (B2C & B2B)

  • Exploring customers changing needs and the drivers of buying behaviours
  • Creating customer segmentations to target sales and marketing
  • Analysing and designing customer journeys
  • Designing behaviour change interventions
  • Capturing customers as humans, rather than data points
  • Understanding brand perceptions
  • Communicating insight through data visualisation and dashboards

Proposition development

Growing your business revenues

  • Identifying opportunities from technological change (eg AI for CX, AR, VR, A2A business payments, Cybersecurity, 5G and other emerging technologies)
  • Building propositions and new products
  • Generating new product and service concepts
  • Providing evidence for new propositions through testing
  • Building business models including pricing strategies
  • Using behaviour change techniques to support customer decision-making

Thought leadership and content marketing

Insights for B2B content marketing and lead generation

  • Providing insight for B2B content marketing and lead generation
  • Completing research and data to underpin content marketing
  • Building your brand’s thought leadership reputation
  • Working with your marketing team to identify the most compelling data and stories
  • Creating compelling data visualisations – infographics, videos and dashboards
  • Developing case studies, award entries and white papers
  • Supporting social media communication strategies
  • Delivering presentations, webinars and workshops to communicate thought leadership
  • Thought leadership and marketing communication strategy for B2B brands

Business brand measurement and tracking

Managing and improving your brand

  • Discovering key attributes which are important to customers and prospects
  • Understanding brand positioning in relation to competitors
  • Analysing the derived versus stated importance of attributes
  • Calibrating perceptions for different customer and prospect segments
  • Exploring the brand acquisition funnel
  • Testing creatives and ad recall

Customer service and experience innovation

Operationalising CX insight and strategy to maximise success

  • Customer journey improvement
  • Mapping customer expectations and awareness
  • Mapping the success of marketing campaigns
  • Mapping measurements to drive success
  • Understanding trends and innovations in customer experience and UX
  • Carrying out CX and UX audits of existing services
  • Implementing BSI/ISO customer service standards

Future market drivers and trends

Exploring future success and challenges

  • Capturing technology, social, economic, political/regulatory drivers of change that are relevant to your innovation process and proposition development
  • Understanding the impact of digital, AI and other emerging technology such as AR, VR, 5G and cloud on your industry
  • Communicating changes in clear trends, drivers and scenarios which are the basis for business, proposition and product strategy
  • Gaining competitive advantage by developing propositions and products which have real potential
  • Developing customer experience innovations and designs which meet the needs of customers
  • Building thought leadership for your brand, products and propositions

How our team of researchers helps B2B technology brands to attract the attention of prospects with independent stats and insights about the changing landscape

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