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Market Research Agency

About Davies Hickman Partners

Innovative market research and data analysis to make your business thrive.

Consumer & Business research

  • Proven qualitative and quantitative research methods such as focus groups and quantitative surveys online and offline
  • AI and machine learning algorithms to ensure the most effective data collection and validation to support business decision making
  • Social media data sourcing and ethnography for a deep understanding of customers
  • Behavioural Economics techniques to understand consumers and develop solutions to influence customer behaviours.

Data analysis

  • Advanced analytics programmes including R, Q, and Python to generate business-critical insights from large amounts of data
  • Adoption of new insight platforms and tools to improve the speed and cost-effectiveness of our work for clients.

Business decisions

CX strategy

  • Using our customer experience skills and knowledge base we help develop innovative CX strategies and support teams to build a vibrant customer-focused culture.

We’ve worked with over 50 household brands on assignments in the UK and round the world, but we’re small enough that our highly experienced directors – Marcus Hickman and Jo Davies – manage the work.