Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and go-to people in their field of expertise, inspiring others with innovative ideas. Brand thought leadership is the informed opinions of an enterprise. The enterprise will have the ability to scale their vision to create sustainable change in an industry. Since 2007, Davies Hickman has been working with clients designing innovative customer insights and market analysis that helps build thought leadership profiles.

Using market research data to unite sales and marketing

The internal and external impact of customer insights can be huge. Internally, it strengthens sales and marketing by repositioning the marketing activities of companies closer to sales. Externally, customer insights and market research content can revitalise a brand’s messaging. Both sales and marketing use it to influence existing customers and prospects. But the overarching objective of any customer insights for thought leadership is to gain leadership and memorability in your marketplace.

Some customer insight analysts will solve business or industry pain points today, and others will focus on the future. Research into market structure, competitor tracking, brand tracking, marketing communications also lead to actionable recommendations which are part of successful thought leadership.

Here at Davies Hickman we use a range of tools including AI analytical tools to scrutinise data and market change. We evaluate marketing tactics and timings of market opportunities. Online dashboards visualise the data and analytics of thought leadership studies, democratising access to the data and findings.

Marketing brand leadership

Brand leadership is boosted by combining great thought leadership with powerful digital marketing. Thought leadership findings can be used by Marketing content teams tasked with targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

The detail of the customer insights and market findings can be referenced in publications, PR, virtual events, webinars which drive up website clicks, social media traffic and downloads. Well-chosen links, photos and videos create further audience engagement.

Paid media including advertisements on social media help broadcast events and opportunities for interested parties to access thought leadership.

Gaining leadership status

Brands wanting to be successful need a high profile to attract prospects and keep customers. But reaching and persuading buyers to buy, and remain loyal, is an exacting challenge. Since 2007, Davies Hickman has worked with many brands in technology, energy, housing and financial services to help them gain leadership status. Contact us to learn how we can help your brand.