Shoppers love the Apple store payment experience. The want more retailers to join the mPOS (mobile point of sale) revolution to speed up and improve the customer experience, according to research we completed for Miura Systems* using our content marketing process.

When Worlds Collide: Store staff and shoppers in retail today – a survey of 1,000 consumers published in 2016 found the British public love the shopping experience they get in Apple Stores, where staff are empowered to roam the shop floor with smartphone or tablet devices, dispensing advice to customers where needed and taking payments then and there. Of those shoppers who had purchased items in one of these retail locations, we found 90% thought it was faster than using a till while 92% liked the fact staff could take payment from them immediately. Even more importantly, nearly all (96%) found the whole payment process very easy and 82% said they thought other stores should adopt the same methods. Nearly nine in 10 (86%) said they thought the payment method seemed secure, while 88% liked the fact that their receipt could be emailed, further streamlining the process.

Two-thirds of consumers said they often don’t buy because of inadequate product selection; a problem which could be solved if staff were available with mobile devices to help customers browse and even order stock online.

How else could mPOS be used in UK retail?
Consumers can clearly identify opportunities to use mPOS:

Many retailers are trying to create a more engaging and ‘lower effort’ in-store experience. We also surveyed 300 frontline retail employees and 75% said the reason shoppers go in-store is because they like to get good advice.

*Miura Systems is the global leading provider of innovative secure electronic payment hardware to the mPOS solution marketplace.