Every year since we founded Davies Hickman in February 2007, our Thought Leadership has uncovered changes in customer expectations of organisations. Our research and strategy has informed product launches, culture change programs, content marketing, people management, employee skills, technology deployment, branding and channel strategies of some of the largest global and national brands.

We have respected regulations, standards and principles in a wide range of industries. This has been no mean feat as customers’ attitudes, behaviours and preferences have been fast changing. We have met deadlines whilst the findings, from our global and national market research, have uncovered worldwide and local emerging trends.

Despite the world economic situation over the past decade, and the emphasis on ROI, encouragingly our clients have commissioned us to explore a wide variety of ‘Big Data’ sources to mine new insights. Using data analytics and visualization we get to the very heart of what is important in running a sustainable business.

Our role is to use data and research to inform commercial organisations, charities, institutes and the public sector about innovations, trends and market changes in a wide range of verticals. Our insights inform managers in housing, payments, pensions, telecoms, satellites, broadcasting, energy, health, banking, insurance, retail, travel and leisure. We research and analyse markets, business models, ownership models, supply chains, new geographies, customer segments, products and services. We understand customer attitudes and behaviours and what different organisations’ functions such as marketing, HR, Contact Centres, sales, finance need to do to track markets and manage resources efficiently. Whether B2B or B2C, we help brands demonstrate they understand changing industries and have solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Thought Leadership Research

Not withstanding the different audiences and content of Thought Leadership research the three things that remain at the core of Davies Hickman’s Thought Leadership strategy is creating value by:
• Using market research and data sources to understand brands, competitors and markets
• Orchestrating insights that equip the entire organization to deliver value-for-money customer experiences
• Evidencing consequences of decisions and promoting best practice.

Our clients tell us our Thought Leadership is relevant and insightful for their management. We are creative and look for interesting and novel ideas to underpin new strategies. We support organisations to use original data sources to work out how they can improve services, products and brand image to differentiate themselves from their competitors. We create persuasive unique offers, a distinct point of view and an original, yet appealing, call to action. But, the greatest return on investment in Thought Leadership, is being recognized as the industry thought leader that reliably predicts trends that materialize into reality over time, again and again, year after year.

Brand enhancing Thought Leadership can be used internally to make the role of the board easier; it can provide a range of solutions to meet complex problems at all levels of an organization. Thought Leadership can be used externally as persuasive content marketing for websites, blogs, PR, automated marketing, supporting vertical marketing campaigns, physical and digital events, ultimately driving brand awareness and growth.

If you want to know more about our approach to Thought Leadership and what it can do for your organisation contact one of our Directors: jo@davieshickman.com