2013 is all about real time. As faster technologies fuel our desires for belonging, sharing information and knowledge we will demand not just access, but immediate access. That includes solutions to our complaints directed at organisations which have failed to satisfy us.

The Wellcome Trust will support the 2013 Festival of Neuroscience in April at the Barbican, London and it will be an event for sharing insights about the new findings of how our brains work. At a macro level these findings will give us improved understanding of how future organisations should function too.

Our multichannel and collaborative world is a challenge to our brains as well as to the organisations we choose to use and buy from. On one hand, brands are gathering customers’ behavioural and attitudinal insights and recognise the value of individual customer information and on the other hand, customers are demanding better services and discounts in exchange for their loyalty and personal data.

This new agreement alters the relationship between customers and organisations. If organisations are limp and ineffective in delivering their side of the agreement social media provides the brutal real time solution which triggers our brains to take action.
Research from Davies Hickman shows customers increasingly complain to organisations using Social Media. Twitter and Facebook are proven to be the empowering, real time channel for customers, who feel wronged by organisations.

In 2013 organisations need to prioritise how to use their collective brain power and technologies. Customer Service, Marketing and IT need to get in the same boat to deliver solutions to customer complaints in real time. Social media is poised to eat some organisations behaviours for lunch.