BT has just re-launched its showcase for the banking and insurance industry to bring to organisations the latest digital innovations. The new showcase combines with others at BT’s Adastral Park to show retail, home and public sector experiences. Seeing tomorrow’s technology in action certainly helps boost CIO’s and CEO’s thinking about how to improve their customer experiences.

The financial services showcase links closely to the findings in BT’s Youbiquity Finance research. The 20 technology solutions spanning customer interaction, employee productivity, operational efficiency and security represent what customers value. Ultimately, these technologies and their features will improve relationships with consumers and continue a positive trend – the number of consumers saying their bank puts its customers at the heart of their business has risen from 19% in 2014 to 33% in 2016 (UK).

– 51% of consumers find the ID&V process frustrating. The BT showcase features biometric tools for fast and secure service, including facial recognition techniques for online user authentication and palm vein for cash withdrawal authentication. Some 71% say voice biometrics would be worth trying for ID&V.

– There was a three-fold increase in consumers willing to try video to communicate with their financial providers. Using videos, the new financial showcase presents a performing remote advisor and how relevant information about customer accounts can be sent to update customers.

– Over 4 in 5 like the option of web-chat support from banks and insurance providers. Human AI using chatbots and robo-advice were on display. Hybrid chat is powerful – enabling agents to control the flow of automated communications with customers.

– 83% said when they want help they still turn to the bank branch. The showcase features an enhanced, desk high ATM. It unveils gesture based signage that helps consumers to interact with information about financial products. Information can be tailored to the individual customer based on facial recognition technology. Footfall analytics can help to improve queuing and overall customer experience.

Ashish Gupta, president of UK and global banking & financial markets at BT’s Global Services division, said: “Our new innovation showcase combines the latest fintech solutions with BT’s hands-on experience of serving some of the world’s leading banks and insurers over the past 30 years. For banking and insurance business leaders at every stage of their digital transformation journey, we can show how technology, complemented by person-to-person contact, can securely and efficiently meet the needs of their customers while creating a platform for innovation and growth.”

In BT’s banking and insurance Youbiquity research, 51% of consumers say they definitely want more staff that can provide advice on banking and insurance products; the new showcase is a great way to bring some of the future alive.

Image source TechWorld