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Few markets move faster than technology and telecoms. Today’s cutting-edge solution is tomorrow’s commodity as competitors and regulators drive down prices and profit margins. In addition, the Covid-19 health crisis has forced changes on technology usage.

Every company knows that superior customer understanding is the key to sustainable competitive advantage. But the best B2B technology companies know that they need to understand their customers’ customer just as well.

Using a range of research, content and thought leadership techniques, we help B2B technology leaders such as BT, Cisco and Avaya understand the consumer trends that impact on how their customers buy technology products and services, including CCaaS, CPaaS, UC, UCaaS, remote and mobile working and cloud technologies.

We work closely with our clients’ marketing teams to present our research in sales-friendly chunks, such as white papers, infographics, videos, animations, memes or slide decks. We also work directly with B2B sales teams to present our findings to their contacts. 

We also work directly with B2B clients to present our findings to their contacts at conferences, webinars and in workshops. 

“I’ve worked with Davies Hickman for content marketing at BT and Worldpay. Davies Hickman have always delivered high quality, thought-provoking research-based material that my customers have wanted to read and that my sales teams have been keen to discuss with them. It’s generated significant ROI.”

Geoffrey Barraclough

B2B Marketing Director

You can see some of our technology market research case studies below: