energy and utilities market research

Energy and utilities

market research

The energy sector is experiencing a revolution. With the threat of climate change real and growing, organisations and individuals are starting to embrace green energy on a larger scale. The adoption of new technology, however, raises uncertainty within the market.

We use in depth market research and analysis of large datasets to deliver insights and recommendations to our clients in the energy sector. Our data and analysis includes:

  • Understanding buying personas and marketing communications
  • Testing product features and pricing strategies
  • Confirming brand perceptions and tracking
  • Developing strategies to tap into customer’s requirements
  • Improving customer experience

Energy and utilities market research

Within a new market, it is especially important to understand buyers to improve business outcomes. Davies Hickman delivers insights based on large scale data analysis and customer insights  and targeted market research.

“From a client perspective they listen to the brief and build a team that delivers exceptionally against requirements set.”

Director, Energy Consultancy

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