Healthcare market research

Healthcare market research

Improving healthcare services by researching patient experience and working with healthcare professionals to improve care pathways

The healthcare sector is under pressure with numerous challenges including harnessing of data analytics, developing supply chain resilience, the high cost of healthcare, an ageing population and the lack of investment in preventative medicine.

We use in-depth market research and analysis to deliver insights and recommendations to our clients’ work in the global healthcare market helping them to:

  • Understand patient attitudes, behaviours and needs
  • Explore healthcare pathways and opportunities for technology enhancement
  • Test technology solutions with physicians, clinical staff and patients
  • Develop strategies to address patients’, clinicians’, administrators’ and other health workers’ requirements
  • Confirm attitudes and behaviours towards technology
  • Meet patient expectations and improve patient experiences

“This is an excellent document.  I would REALLY love to see this survey expanded into European healthcare organisations.”

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