Future market drivers and trends

Values, Project processes and People development

Values and culture

Our mission is to inspire brands to leverage new technology and people to build customer success.

Our values include:

  • contributing to our clients’ success
  • designing methodologies and quality work that improve business decision-making
  • creating innovative approaches which improve society
  • building long-term relationships with our clients

We thrive to have relevant and valuable relationships with all stakeholders – our clients, employees, suppliers and partners.

Project and research processes

Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality work to clients. We have a process to ensure this is achieved consistently which includes:

  • Stringent data quality control checks to protect from fraud and misuse
  • On-going scanning of academic, industry and competitor practices to ensure our recommendations are innovative and reliable
  • Agreeing on project deliverables and timings with clients at the outset
  • Weekly project reviews with the internal team and with the client if requested
  • Internal 360 reviews of projects once completed
  • End of project client review process
  • Annual auditing of a sample of projects by an external consultant

Further details are available on request.

Professional and ethical standards 

We adhere to the UK Market Research Society Code of Conduct and ICC/ESOMAR code when undertaking research work for clients. We understand the latest market research skills and knowledge through training, keeping up to date with academic research and leading thinkers. We also take part in industry forums and workshops and exhibitions to contribute to industry standards and ensure we stay up to date with change.

People development and well-being

We ensure that our people have the best skills, knowledge and attitudes to complete projects on behalf of clients. There are four key steps we take to ensure this:

  • Capability development plans which are discussed each quarter
  • Skills training is undertaken through external providers and online sources
  • 5% of working time is given over to the pursuit of knowledge, learning and understanding
  • We encourage the importance of good mental health and well-being in the work environment

Artificial intelligence

Davies Hickman Partners use artificial intelligence (AI) in the course of our project work with clients, in our marketing and our research. We take steps to ensure that this technology is used ethically and for the benefit of our clients and communities