Consumers, Payments and the Future

Case Study: WorldPay

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Client Issue

WorldPay wanted to understand which future payment methods will be used by UK consumers for in-store/online/mobile. The explosion in payment options is creating uncertainty among retailers who work closely with WorldPay.


  • Desk research to explore new payment technology success
  • Qualitative research with 10 consumers trialling new payment technology in-store around the UK
  • An online survey with UK consumers to understand payment behaviours and needs for a full range of payment situations in various sectors
  • Analysis included behavioural economics principles and forecasting trends in Retail


They used the information to take advantage to sell the most popular new payment technology options.

  • Improve their profile as an industry thought leader, a summary of the report findings achieved 90+ press coverage including national and sector press including The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and others
  • A major customer event
  • Content marketing: Infographics, Blogs, Tweets, etc
  • Front-ending client engagement meetings