New build housing customer experience

Case Study: Peabody


Client Issue

Peabody Sales had very successfully launched its new build housing development plans. Hundreds of homes had been designed and build across London, for both sale and rent. The customer journey which was an integral part of the initiative needed testing to ensure it was delivering for buyers’ needs.


Davies Hickman worked with Peabody to select six new build development sites in London which had been completed. We undertook analysis of survey data concerning the developments and used it to design a qualitative research methodology for a forensic understanding of the customer journey and customer experience when interacting with Peabody as a developer and social enterprise landlord.

We completed focus groups on site in East and Central London, exploring touchpoints and customer journeys to gain insights about customer experiences.

Benefits to Peabody

The results of the research were incredibly valuable for Peabody. As with all organisations, there were things that Peabody was doing very well, and were valued by buyers, and so needed to be continued. There were also some changes which needed to be made to improve the customer journey still further. All in all, the results have helped Peabody maintain its reputation as one of the UK’s leading housing associations, true to its original founder’s goals.