Sustainable energy market research

Sustainable energy market research

With the threat of climate change real and growing, organisations and individuals are embracing renewable fuels, energy efficiency, reducing GHG emissions and recycling on a larger scale. The adoption of new technologies, however, raises uncertainty within the market.

We use in depth market research and analysis of datasets to deliver insights and recommendations to our clients in the energy sector and to those businesses transitioning to net zero.

Environmental governance

Business adoption of environmental governance is fundamental to the overall health and prosperity of society. Environmental governance influences relationships with shareholders, employees, suppliers, partners and regulators. Company directors must give consideration to the long-term consequences of their decisions, in particular how they impact a brand’s reputation and meet employees’ and suppliers’ interests. Customers’ perceptions about an organisation’s environmental governance are critical. Transparency and ethical conduct increasingly influences customers’ attitudes toward brands.

“From a client perspective they listen to the brief and build a team that delivers exceptionally against requirements set.”

Director, Energy Consultancy

Davies Hickman delivers sustainable energy insights for both the energy sector and those businesses transitioning to sustainable energy. Our market research is based on large scale data analysis, customer insights and stakeholders’ views.

Our sustainable energy market research data and analysis includes:

  • Understanding stakeholders’ priorities on sustainable energy
  • Testing with businesses and consumers which environmental product features matter in the short and long term
  • Developing, measuring and reporting on sustainable governance to tap into customer’s requirements
  • Brand and issue perception among consumer and business audiences
  • Thought leadership and content marketing research on environmental and sustainability issues

See some sustainable energy market research stories below:

Enhancing customer performance through meta-analysis of customer data

Client: Water company

Project process: Meta-analysis of available customer experience data to distinguish where customer performance can be improved

Outcomes: Digital customer experience – identifying ways to boost customer satisfaction levels and support operational business decision-making

Future trends for a global energy consultancy provider

Client: Global energy consultant

Project process: Published sources, expert interviews and internal client workshops to develop key drivers of change for the next 10 years

Outcomes: Consumer, employee and technology trends – supporting the client to develop its long-term strategy in a fast-changing business market

Setting up a Customer Experience networking and benchmarking group

Client: Professional body

Project process: Using our knowledge of the UK customer experience industry to identify, recruit and manage a group of executives responsible for delivering service, creating a benchmark for performance

Outcomes: Customer insight – enabling participating organisations being benchmarked to learn from and contribute to CX development