Business brand measurement and tracking

B2B brand research and tracking

Helping B2B and B2C businesses build impactful brands and track their success

Our B2B brand research and tracking services:

  • Discovering key attributes which are important to customers and prospects
  • Understanding brand positioning in relation to competitors
  • Analysing the derived versus stated importance of attributes
  • Calibrating perceptions for different customer and prospect segments
  • Exploring the brand acquisition funnel
  • Testing creatives and ad recall

“The research we worked on together could not have been clearer – cut the fluff and be clear about practical applications and proof.”

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B2B brand research and tracking

See some B2B brand research and tracking market research stories below:

Brand strategy for housing association

Client: Major housing association

Project process: Desk research, expert interviews with marketing professionals, qualitative research with consumers

Outcomes: B2B brand research and tracking – recommendations for using existing brand versus launching a separate new build housing sales brand

Unravelling emerging lifestyles and media choices

Client: Global networking software company

Project process: Focus groups

Outcomes: B2B brand research and tracking – content for driving B2B marketing campaigns

Brand performance measurement for a US global technology provider

Client: US global technology company

Project process: Using brand metrics and modelling methodologies to compare the client’s brand to key competitors

Outcomes: B2B brand research and tracking – identifieng key strengths and weaknesses and making recommendations for change

Assessing sales team performance for a payment processing provider

Client: Global payments provider

Project process: Using end-customer face-to-face interviews with high street retailers to understand the global payments sales effectiveness

Outcomes: B2B brand research and tracking – making recommendations for the improvement of sales team systems and training