customer insight

Customer insight

Using a range of qualitative and quantitative market research combined with data analytics techniques, we perform advanced analysis to uncover powerful customer insights

Our customer insight and market analysis services:

  • Exploring customers’ changing needs and the drivers of buying behaviours
  • Creating customer segmentations to target sales and marketing
  • Analysing and designing customer journeys
  • Designing behaviour change interventions
  • Capturing customers as humans, rather than data points
  • Understanding brand perceptions
  • Communicating insight through data visualisation and dashboards

“I would like to thank you for all your excellent support including your guidance around research and delivering great presentations.”

Head of Marketing, BT

We believe that great customer insights and market analysis underpin:

  • Launching new products and services that excite customers
  • Building brands and generating good quality sales leads
  • Supporting consumer decision making using behavioural science
  • Applying design thinking to innovation
  • Managing B2B relationships (ABM)
  • Delivering customer experiences which motivate and retain customers


  • C-level and expert interviews
  • Focus groups (face-to-face and online)
  • Customer forums
  • Customer journey design
  • Usability UX studies (web & App)
  • Social media listening
  • Mystery shopping
  • Observations in the field


  • Consumer, business and employee online surveys
  • Mobile research (inc GPS linked)
  • VoxPops
  • Tracker surveys (brand and customer)
  • Voice of the customer studies

Advanced Analysis

  • Segmentation
  • Conjoint and MaxDiff
  • Market sizing
  • Driver analysis
  • Drivers of CSAT
  • Meta analysis of published sources
  • Key trends and drivers
  • Behavioural science
  • Speech and text analytics


  • Infographics
  • Interactive dashboards
  • White papers, E-papers
  • Videos
  • PPT
  • Gamified visualisations
  • Insight rooms
Customer insight

See some customer insight market research stories below:

Setting up a Customer Experience networking and benchmarking group

Client: Professional body

Project process: Using our knowledge of the UK customer experience industry to identify, recruit and manage a group of executives responsible for delivering service, creating a benchmark for performance

Outcomes: Customer insight – enabling participating organisations being benchmarked to learn from and contribute to CX development

Investigating opportunities for digital technology in retail banking, GCC countries

Client: Global telecommunications company

Project process: Research across six markets in the Gulf states using analyst reports and expert executive interviews

Outcomes: Customer insight – GCC report and strategic recommendations

Exploring opportunities for new loan-based products

Client: Major high-street bank

Project process: Qualitative research, shadowing consumers journey and product selection

Outcomes: Customer insight, Digital customer experience and transformation – gained a stronger understanding of customer loyalty and when they require assistance and support

Driving improved customer service performance using behavioural science

Client: UK bank

Project process: A/B test of cognitive biases on customers using large contact centres

Outcomes: Customer insight, Digital customer experience and transformation – improved sales performance and better customer experiences from the trial

Spotting opportunities for digital communications

Client: Leading UK financial service provider

Project process: Workshops with customers

Outcomes: Customer insight, Consumer, employee and technology trends – creation of new digital strategy including self-service opportunities

Driving customer satisfaction for a pension provider

Client: Major UK pension provider

Project process: Expert interviews with over 30 trustees, actuaries and advisors

Outcomes: Customer insight – enabling client to communicate customer satisfaction performance and identify areas for change

Analysing the complaints of a major UK bank

Client: Major UK bank

Project process: Analysis of thousands of complaints made to the bank; classification, causal and clustering analysis

Outcomes: Customer insight – developed a new framework for complaint handling and made recommendations for reducing complaint volumes

Marketing targeting for UK debt consolidation service

Client: Insolvency practitioner

Project process: Expert interviews, customer interviews, analysis of customer and geodemographic database to identify key segments and the opportunity to focus marketing resources in these areas

Outcomes: Customer insight – marketing segmentation, linked to postcodes across the UK enabling targeted marketing strategy for our client

Assessing healthcare payers needs and market pressures post COVID-19

Client: Global technology provider

Project process: Using desk research and expert interviews to develop key drivers and scenarios for change

Outcomes: Customer insight, Consumer, employee and technology trends – creating and supporting a new marketing strategy

Improving the patient experience in Gulf countries healthcare

Client: Global technology provider

Project process: A combination of published sources, expert interviews with senior healthcare clinicians and managers across 8 markets, benchmarking data for patient journey and digital technology

Outcomes: Customer insight, Consumer, employee and technology trends – improving clinicians, administrators and patient engagement

CX training to enable a large public sector organisation to better serve low-income and disabled consumers

Client: Membership organisation

Project process: Following a review of best practice in CX delivery, including vulnerable and digitally disadvantaged people, created a model for assessing performance and identifying approaches to improving performance

Outcomes: Customer insight – delivered CX training to hundreds of frontline service delivery professionals

Capturing new build buyers’ expectations and preferences

Client: Major housing association

Project process: Internal data, depth phone interviews and focus groups with buyers on new build sites

Outcomes: Customer insight, Consumer, employee and technology trends – recommendations for design and marketing of new build houses

Understanding key stakeholders’ attitudes to an innovative housing provider

Client: Forward thinking housing association

Project process: Using internal briefings and key stakeholder expert interviews to calibrate perceptions

Outcomes: Customer insight – board presentation and detailed research on the development of a new stakeholder communication strategy

Discovering new revenue opportunities for a three-year strategy

Client: Social housing provider

Project process: Desk research, 40 expert interviews to identify over 30 new revenue opportunities for investment

Outcomes: Customer insight, Consumer, employee and technology trends – identified and ranked new revenue opportunities helping the client to prioritise resources

Evaluating delivery companies and online retailers approach to PUDO market

Client: Global technology company

Project process: Global research with 60 delivery companies and online retailers in 20 countries

Outcomes: Customer insight, B2B thought leadership and content marketing – enabling the client to focus on markets to drive sales-lead generation

Analysing changes in consumer behaviours in a recession

Client: Global data, analysis and technology company

Project process: Using published sources, customer, expert and internal executive in-depth interviews

Outcomes: Customer insight, Digital customer experience and transformation – helping to strengthen client relationships with large banks and insurance companies

Competitor brand reputation for contact centre provider

Client: Contact centre software company

Project process: Using online tools to develop a detailed picture of prospect and customer perceptions in Europe and the US. Sentiment analysis and detailed examination of written feedback online

Outcomes: Customer insight – enabling the client to quality its brand positioning, the areas of leadership and opportunities for changing buyer perspectives

ABM planning to activate new better business relationships

Client: Technology provider

Project process: Using published sources, customer and industry commentators to provide insight on five global companies

Outcomes: Customer insight, Digital customer experience and transformation – helping our client to actualise its ABM strategy to deliver sales-leads and better relationships

Testing market appetite for cloud cybersecurity product

Client: Innovative UK cybersecurity firm

Project process: Expert interviews with SMEs followed by business research with IT directors, CISOs and others in related roles

Outcomes: Customer insight and Proposition development – leading to recommendations for product development, sales and marketing

Research market opportunities for satellite communication

Client: UK satellite service

Project process: Desk research and executive interviews with prospects and clients in broadcasting and communications. Identifying opportunities for satellite technology now and 5 years time

Outcomes: Customer insight, Consumer, employee and technology trends – prioritising sales and marketing opportunities including product attractiveness. Quantifying sales potential to enable our client to forecast revenue projects and sales targets

Assisting with the introduction of a new payment proposition to SMEs in the UK

Client: Global payments provider

Project process: Taking the clients existing proposition for a new payments system, tested qualitatively with 30 SMEs working around the UK

Outcomes: Customer insight, Proposition development – resulting in refinement to the proposition and pricing to drive future take-up

Advancing an understanding of market pricing for card payments by SMEs in the UK

Client: Global payments provider

Project process: Qualitative research with small businesses all over the UK in a wide range of sectors

Outcomes: Customer insight and Proposition development – resulting in better decision making on a future pricing strategy

Developing and improving a switching process for financial services products

Client: Large UK payments provider

Project process: Including extensive desk research to develop drivers of change, 40 expert interviews, quantitative research with 2,000 UK consumers and 500 SMEs, testing attitudes and new proposition development

Outcomes: Customer insight and Proposition development – growing an existing switching offer and making recommendations for switching other financial products

Using MPoS systems in retail

Client: UK payment terminal provider

Project process: Using end-customer face-to-face interviews consumers and high street retailers to understand issues in retail; filmed interviews

Outcomes: Customer insight, B2B thought leadership and content marketing – including recommendations for the use of MPoS technology, a white paper, infographics and PR coverage