Digital customer experience

Digital customer experience

Insights that explore customer needs and business objectives for transformational digital customer experiences. Working with teams that use Agile and Service Design methodologies

Only when businesses truly understand their customers can they compete to win. Successful digital customer experience depends on analysis of the numerous points along the customer journey.

Working with clients that use Agile and Service Design methodologies we focus on user-experiences and engage with all stakeholders responsible for the digital customer experience process. By accessing Davies Hickman’s executive, business and consumer panels and a range of online datasets we look at opportunities for innovation, continual service improvement and transformation. This involves designing digital experiences and using AI technologies to improve performance.

Our digital customer experience services include:

  • Digital customer experience strategy and design
  • Customer journey improvement
  • Understanding trends and innovations such as AI for customer interactions and supporting agents delivering digital customer experiences
  • Carrying out CX and UX audits of existing services
  • Usability and sensory research for apps, chatbots, contact centres, messaging and websites
  • Conversational design for human assisted channels
  • Improving performance using behavioural science
  • Designing CX experience measurements to drive success
  • Implementing BSI/ISO customer service standards
  • Reducing fraud and improving cybersecurity

“Davies Hickman believe that better digital customer experience is not only about ease; it requires intense focus on frontline people who increasingly deal with complex customer requirements.”

Large-scale customer service delivery that builds customer retention remains one of the most challenging tasks in the business world. Yet the opportunities to use digital technology – online, AI, social media and Apps – offer the potential to resolve the conundrum of cutting costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Digital customer experience
We use a range of research techniques to support digital customer experience blue-printing, customer journey analysis and usability testing. This process highlights which elements of customer service are really valued and which are less useful.
Digital Drivers for Change

See some market research stories below:

Enhancing customer performance through meta-analysis of customer data

Client: Water company

Project process: Meta-analysis of available customer experience data to distinguish where customer performance can be improved

Outcomes: Digital customer experience – identifying ways to boost customer satisfaction levels and support operational business decision-making

Digital transformation in UK local government

Client: Local government

Project process: Using our knowledge of the UK customer experience industry to identify improvements in citizen engagement, expert interviews and client workshop

Outcomes: Digital customer experience – supporting client in developing a strategy for digital transformation to provide better values service

Contact centre improvement

Client: Local government

Project process: Using call listening and calibration, internal data and expert interviews with executives, team leaders and advisors

Outcomes: Digital customer experience – development of a 10 point plan to improve customer experience and improve efficiency for leaders

Exploring opportunities for new loan-based products

Client: Major high-street bank

Project process: Qualitative research, shadowing consumers journey and product selection

Outcomes: Customer insight, Digital customer experience – gained a stronger understanding of customer loyalty and when they require assistance and support

Digital customer journey design for new UK bank

Client: UK fintech

Project process: Accessing the our knowledge base, mystery shopping with other banks acquisition process and customer interviews to support the design of digital on-boarding

Outcomes: Digital customer experience – enabling the client to build a customer journey which improved the on-boarding process meaning few drop-out and a reduction in customer queries

Driving improved customer service performance using behavioural science

Client: UK bank

Project process: A/B test of cognitive biases on customers using large contact centres

Outcomes: Customer insight, Digital customer experience – improved sales performance and better customer experiences from the trial

Pinpointing HNWI’s needs for financial service products

Client: Private bank

Project process: Qualitative research, using innovative research techniques to identify and recruit HNW individuals to participate in research

Outcomes: Digital customer experience – feedback on competitor offers and new strategies for improving digital technology in private banking

Improving the performance of an outsourced contact centre portfolio

Client: CMA-9 bank

Project process: Analysis of internal data including key metrics, complaints and executive feedback. Call and e-mail observation, calibration and expert interviews with team leaders and advisors

Outcomes: Digital customer experience – full report to UK head office on performance of outsources contact centres, recommendations for service improvement

Improving the customer journey for purchasing new homes

Client: Housing association

Project process: Accompanied shopping journeys with over 20 buyers negotiating in the London housing market

Outcomes: Digital customer experience – detailed recommendations to senior executives how best to add value at customer journey touch points

Analysing changes in consumer behaviours in a recession

Client: Global data, analysis and technology company

Project process: Using published sources, customer, expert and internal executive in-depth interviews

Outcomes: Customer insight, Digital customer experience – helping to strengthen client relationships with large banks and insurance companies

ABM planning to activate new better business relationships

Client: Technology provider

Project process: Using published sources, customer and industry commentators to provide insight on five global companies

Outcomes: Customer insight, Digital customer experience – helping our client to actualise its ABM strategy to deliver sales-leads and better relationships

Improving the digital complaint process to provide better outcomes for customers and the client

Client: National broadcaster

Project process: Mapping the complaints journey using 6 focus groups in different parts of the UK to understand barriers and the opportunities for efficiencies

Outcomes: Digital customer experience – making recommendations to the client how to meet SLA objectives improving the organisation’s operations and customer satisfaction