Fraud and cybersecurity market research

Fraud and cybersecurity market research

Insights that are realistic, highlighting the balance of technological solutions with human digital behaviours. Enabling businesses to design customer experiences which help keep data secure

Fraud management is viewed as a challenge by all organisations. Our clients have tools that are used for fraud prevention and mitigation by large multinationals, SMEs and consumers.

We provide our clients with a team of researchers who highlight how humans think about data security and cybersecurity tools. Consumer and employee perspectives are calibrated together with behavioural interventions that will improve security.

Our fraud and cybersecurity market research analysis services include:

  • priorities, choices and levels of resources
  • global consumers, employees and business attitudes to cybersecurity
  • how cybersecurity is managed including the network and data centric strategies
  • the perceived benefits of digital protection solutions

`’The insight explained both consumer and employees’ views on cybersecurity. The recommendations supported our business case for investment in new technology and processes for data security.”

Marketing Director, Technology Provider

See some fraud and cybersecurity market research stories below:

Improving the awareness for data security in large global enterprises

Client: Global technology provider

Project process: Using consumer and business research across 10 countries to assess attitudes and experiences of data management and breaches

Outcomes: B2B thought leadership and content marketing, Consumer, employee and technology trends – generating PR, webinars and presentations with our clients’ prospects and customers

Testing the appeal of a new business to business payment mechanism

Client: Global payments company

Project process: Expert interviews and quantitative research with senior executives in finance, accounts and other management roles

Outcomes: B2B thought leadership and content marketing, Consumer, employee and technology trends – resulting in a white paper, press coverage, presentations at industry events and with prospects

Testing market appetite for cloud cybersecurity product

Client:  Innovative UK cybersecurity firm

Project process: Expert interviews with SMEs followed by business research with IT directors, CISOs and others in related roles

Outcomes: Customer insight and Proposition development – leading to recommendations for product development, sales and marketing