Future market drivers and trends

Future market drivers and trends

Enabling boards, teams and business executives to get to grips with the future and create strategies, products and marketing communications which shape success

Our future market drivers and trends services:

Using data from desk research, in-depth interviews, focus groups and quantitative surveys we steer our clients to create a competitive advantage in the short and long term. Our future market drivers and trends services:

  • Capturing technology, social, economic, political and regulatory drivers of change that are relevant to your innovation process and proposition development
  • Understanding the impact of digital, AI and other emerging technology such as AR, VR, 5G and cloud on your industry
  • Communicating changes in clear trends, drivers and scenarios which create the basis for business, proposition and product strategy
  • Gaining competitive advantage by developing propositions and products which have real potential
  • Developing customer experience innovations and designs which meet the needs of customers
  • Building thought leadership for your brand, products and propositions

“We gained so much more than we expected from the research. The Board are using the research findings and structure to steer conversations at their next strategy meeting.”

Insight Manager

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Future market drivers and trends

Our analysis of future market drivers includes:

  • Exploring customer and prospect buying behaviours and reactions to market changes
  • Identifying meaningful trends and drivers for your market and identifying the uncertainties that exist now and in the future
  • Clarifying what real choices exist and what improvements will deliver success