proposition development

Proposition development

Experts in providing the insights you need, about the customers you want, so that you can create compelling products and propositions

Our customer value proposition and new product development services:

  • Identifying opportunities from technological change (eg AI for CX, AR, VR, A2A business payments, cybersecurity, 5G and other emerging technologies)
  • Building propositions and new products
  • Generating new product and service concepts
  • Providing evidence for new propositions through testing
  • Building business models which include pricing strategies
  • Using behaviour change techniques to support customer decision-making

“Thank you for being a brilliant partner. Nothing is ever a problem – a total pleasure to work with. And best of all, great results!”

Global Marketing Manager, Miura

We believe that the best customer propositions are those rooted deep in customer insight and the best insight comes from the best quality data. We generate that data for our clients so they can get the new business ideas to market that meet real customer needs.

Proposition Development

New product development research

Using tried-and-tested market research skills and new tools such as design thinking, AI and behaviour change techniques we structure research that delivers the right data-driven insights at the correct stage in the proposition development cycle.

See some proposition development market research stories below:

Online database of digital strategies of large enterprises

Client: Start-up

Project process: Using our knowledge of the digital transformation industry to complete proposition research with potential buyers of a new service designed to provide insights into large corporations digital strategy

Outcomes: Proposition development – supporting client in developing a strategy for a new digital platform including benefits, product features and possible pricing

Managing a new proposition development process

Client: UK insurance company

Project process: Board interventions, international streetscapes, consumer research and workshops

Outcomes: Proposition development – evolving new products for consideration by board

Proposition development for SME telecoms supplier

Client: US telecom provider

Project process: Expert interviews with SMEs followed by focus groups with business owners to explore the features of a new service

Outcomes: Proposition development – supporting the launch of telecoms offers to SMEs

Testing market appetite for cloud cybersecurity product

Client: Innovative UK cybersecurity firm

Project process: Expert interviews with SMEs followed by business research with IT directors, CISOs and others in related roles

Outcomes: Customer insight and Proposition development – leading to recommendations for product development, sales and marketing

Assisting with the introduction of a new payment proposition to SMEs in the UK

Client: Global payments provider

Project process: Taking the clients existing proposition for a new payments system, tested qualitatively with 30 SMEs working around the UK

Outcomes: Customer insight, Proposition development – resulting in refinement to the proposition and pricing to drive future take-up

Building a strategy to introduce new digital account to account payments

Client: UK digital payment company

Project process: Global research with senior executives to identify innovations, followed by quantitative research with UK consumers and SME

Outcomes: Proposition development – enabling the client to develop their strategy for the roll-out of account-to-account payments

Advancing an understanding of market pricing for card payments by SMEs in the UK

Client: Global payments provider

Project process: Qualitative research with small businesses all over the UK in a wide range of sectors

Outcomes: Customer insight and Proposition development – resulting in better decision making on a future pricing strategy

Developing and improving a switching process for financial services products

Client: Large UK payments provider

Project process: Including extensive desk research to develop drivers of change, 40 expert interviews, quantitative research with 2,000 UK consumers and 500 SMEs, testing attitudes and new proposition development

Outcomes: Customer insight and Proposition development – growing an existing switching offer and making recommendations for switching other financial products