Customer service and experience innovation

Customer service and experience innovation

Data-driven CX management decisions to satisfy customer needs and expectations across contact centres, face to face and digital media

Only when businesses truly understand their customers can they compete to win. Customers’ moments of truth occur in many different ways and at numerous points along the customer journey. Customer journey mapping focuses on user experiences and we engage all stakeholders involved in the journey design as well as customers. Using Davies Hickman panels and a range of datasets we look at whatever problems you are facing:

  • Customer journey processes
  • Mapping customer expectations and awareness
  • Mapping the success of marketing campaigns
  • Mapping measurements to drive success
  • Understanding trends and innovations in customer experience and UX
  • Carrying out CX and UX audits of existing services
  • Implementing BSI/ISO customer service standards

We believe that better digital customer experiences are not only about ease; they require intense focus on frontline people who increasingly deal with complex customer requirements.

Large-scale customer service and retention remains one of the most challenging tasks in the business world. Yet the opportunities to use digital technology – online, social media and Apps – offer potential to resolve the conundrum of cutting costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer service and experience innovation

CX research

We use a range of research techniques to support digital customer experience blue-printing, customer journey analysis and usability testing showing which elements of customer service are really valued and which are not.

Digital Drivers for Change